Sunday, April 7, 2013

be our guest...guest bedroom makeover

For my final CWTS project, I chose to makeover our guest bedroom. I envisioned a guest room that was full of pops of color and an interesting mix of textures and objects that feels comfortable, unique and welcoming to our guests.

What do you make with an old fireplace mantel and a shower curtain? 
Create a headboard of course! 
As you can see from the before picture below, we did not have a headboard in this room. I searched Pinterest looking for "cool DIY headboard ideas" and had basically settled on making a fabric-covered headboard. On a whim, I popped into a local antique/furniture resale shop to look for a side table...but ended up leaving with this beautiful old fireplace mantel. It caught my attention immediately; I loved the gorgeous detail in the border of the dark wood, in addition to the design of the shelf with the mirror and paneling. To complete the transformation to a headboard, I closed in the fireplace opening with plywood. Next, I covered another piece of plywood (cut to the size of the fireplace opening) with thick foam and batting. Then I upholstered it with the blue and green ikat fabric---A.K.A a shower curtain from Target!

Here is a picture tutorial for creating the headboard:

I have been wanting to begin the process of adding bead board and chair rail to the bedrooms in our home. Now seemed like the perfect time to start! I will admit though...the process took way longer than I had planned in my head...but the finishing result was well worth it!  I bought our supplies at Home Depot. They sell kits and precut pieces of bead board and chair rail that definitely help speed the process. My biggest mistake was assuming that the walls and floors in our room were all level, so this posed a challenge in some places...but nothing some caulk and paint couldn't fix!

A few years ago I painted an old bedside table green. (I like to think just maybe I was a few years ahead of the emerald green craze ;) It felt like a really fun pop of color to add into our new guest room and worked well with the headboard fabric. For balance, I purchased a white round side table at HomeGoods, and painted it with the same green paint I had from a few years back.

In selecting bedding, I chose to go with a crisp white duvet cover, so as not to overshadow the headboard fabric and pillows. Picking out pillows was super-fun and HomeGoods never lets me down when I am in need of a "new pillow fix." I fell in love with the vintage camera pillow (also from Home Goods) and felt it added an interesting and unique element to the room. The blue lamps added another great pop of color and I was excited to find those at Homegoods as well.

As for the rest of the decor and goal was to incorporate interesting objects with a mix of coordinating colors and textures into the room...the collage below shows all the details that I hope will make our overnight guests feel cozy, comfortable and inspired.

Homegoods was the perfect sponsor for the home decor round. HomeGoods is one of those stores where you may go in with the intention "just to browse"...but never leave without something "you just had to have!"


  1. I voted for your room! I've always thought that a fireplace mantle would make a great headboard and you proved me right. I love your taste and that room is so inviting, if I were I guest I would never leave ;0)

    1. Thank you Lucy--you are so sweet and I appreciate your kind comments on the guest room! Thanks for voting for me in CWTS! Have a wonderful week! :)